Malignant Duality

metal  atmospheric  experimental  doom  progressive 

Malignant Duality
Concept disc filled with emotion

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Liner Notes

A concept disc about those in your life that are two-faced & the impact that has on you, including asking if you are to blame for the way others act towards you.

The music is a blend of various elements of metal. The lyrics are, if nothing else, brutally honest.
This disc is a dream come true. A concept disc is something I've always wanted to record & now here it is for the world to enjoy.
The title is a perfect way to describe the concept... Malignant Duality, the harmful part(s) of being two-faced. Those parts impact people far more than is thought about or discussed.
This is simply a true tale of that impact.

Read the lyrics for each song to see an explanation of how each song fit into the concept.


Jason Palmer - Everything
copyright 2012 JMPTribalMusic


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