Anderson, SC

Tags  Metal  Atmospheric  Experimental  Doom  Progressive  Thrash 

One man metal band blending doom, progressive, thrash, and anything else that leads to the finished product.


Jason Palmer - Everything
(And I mean EVERYTHING... 6 & 7 string guitars, bass, keys, vocals, programming, mixing, production, and whatever else goes into each disc)


Started in 1999 as a way to get the music heard in my head out so others could hear it as well, Tribalpython is constantly working and evolving.
Blending various metal elements, it is always about what is best for the song first, then the disc... as every disc tends to flow from one song to the next.
Never afraid to use sounds, textures, & instruments that are not typically found in metal to achieve an end result. Latin percussion, string sections, horns, techno synths... these are just the beginning of various sounds you can hear in a given song.
In short, not your typical metal.


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